About Us

                                                                            Kathryn Arthur has had a passion for horses from a

                                                                            young age.  This eventually found her working for

                                                                            Dr Desmond & Marlene Leeper at their private

                                                                            Dressage training facility, Stoneridge, where she

                                                                            learned how to meticulously care for and maintain

                                                                            upper level Dressage horses.  While working at

                                                                            Stoneridge, an apprenticeship position presented

                                                                            itself at Paramount Saddlery.  Kathryn learned the

                                                                            intricacies of making English riding equipment from

                                                                            full hide of leather to finished product from saddler

                                                                            David Nangreave.

Upon completion of her apprenticeship, she brought her skills home to her own workshop and

started manufacturing for the North American equestrian market, while also helping out local

equestrians working with Bilyea Harness.  Flat Creek Saddlery continues to make high quality leather equestrian equipment with a focus on custom made equipment at affordable prices by offering products direct from the manufacturer. 

Most recently, Kathryn has been kept busy showing, training, and breeding her prize winning Cardigan Welsh Corgis under the kennel name Esrohollow.  This has lead to manufacturing leather dog collars and leashes and opening up a new avenue for Flat Creek Saddlery.

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